Teresa Schippel Hales
Teresa Schippel Hales
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As a painter & photographer, I am stimulated by the dynamic relationship between negative & positive spaces, often encompassing shadows & silhouettes into my artwork.
I continue to be fascinated by the many & various processes & tactile qualities involved in etching & printing, from the relative simplicity of a linocut or screenprint created at the kitchen table, to more sophisticated methods requiring more specialist materials & equipment: aquatint, drypoint, oil lift, photo & soft & hard ground etching. Printing provides an alternative physicality to painting & photography: cutting/gouging/scraping/scratching/rolling/inking/rubbing/pressing. I am drawn in by the allure of the print room, traditional methods & tools sitting alongside more contemporary equipment …. and then; the anticipation & satisfaction of peeling back the dampened paper, revealing a freshly created print.

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