Tom Hogan
Tom Hogan
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My sculptures originate from rapid linear observational sketches and are simplified further through the selecting of line and general reworking I practise when converting them into wire forms. Drawing provides the basis of my artwork and, conceptually, I consider these finished pieces as much drawings as sculpture. I am particularly interested in this interplay that exists between the dimensional realms. Although the artworks exist as forms in space, their flatness often seems reinforced through the necessity of reading forms from a particular viewpoint. I hope they are strange and busy little things.

Originally from London, I studied painting at Coventry School of Art before moving to the Pyrenees for an art residency. I lived and worked as an artist in Spain and Australia until 2014 when I moved back to London. I consider my work very much a response to my environment and this period of time abroad has had a considerable impact on my artwork and general art-related interests. Since returning to the UK, my practice has centred on drawing in a broad sense. It has been shaped through writing and running my own workshops and undertaking specific projects, such as an exhibition at the Poetry Society which focused on drawing poets performing their own work. I have exhibited widely in the UK and abroad and completed a number of residencies in Australia and Europe.
'Floral Hall Antiques' Crouch Hill
N8 9DX

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