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2005 at John Jones Gallery

2006 at the Original Gallery

2007 at the Pumphouse

2008 at Hornsey Town Hall

 2009/10 at the Original Gallery

2010 at Hornsey Health Centre

2011/12 at the Original Gallery


Founded by Kim Valdez and Helen Lindon in 2004, Ceos has shown work by a total of 61 artists they are listed here.

The first group of organisers, Kim Valdez, Helen Lindon, Richard Peacock and Cathy D'Darcy, began by discussing and defining their aims and intentions. They came up with a number of key principles which, despite much subsequent debate, are still followed by the Group.

Firstly, CEOS would be for 'Professional Artists' and it would show 'Fine Art', as opposed to Craft. In practice, these terms were defined by a process of selection, which was also seen as key to setting and maintaining a high standard of work and presentation.

The event was to be free to the public, the artists were not necessarily local, the only restriction governing which artists might apply was that they should find a venue ' within walking distance ' of the Crouch End Clock Tower.

Another important decision made in the first year and maintained ever since, was to hold a Group Exhibition alongside the individual open studios. Helen arranged for the first exhibition to be sponsored by John Jones and held in their Gallery at Finsbury Park.

In subsequent years exhibitions have been held in the Hornsey Town Hall, The Hornsey Health Centre, The Pumphouse Gallery and many in the Original Gallery in the Hornsey Library.

CEOS First Group show in 2005, at John Jones GalleryOur First Group show in 2005, at John Jones Gallery

From the beginning the open studios looked for, and found, an interested and engaged audience in the local Crouch End community and the further reaches of North London.

Local shopkeepers and arts organisations have always supported us and recognised the value of the event to the community and to their businesses, sponsoring us in both cash and in kind.

Pumphouse GalleryPumphouse Gallery

The Open Studios has had frequent engagement with the local community. In 2008 we were able to include Guest Artists and hold a show of sculpture, installation, performance and film in the Hornsey Town Hall, giving over 1800 people a chance to see this wonderful building as well as look at our work.

In 2010 a number of our artists were chosen by 'Paintings in Hospitals' to donate work to them and hence to the Hornsey Health Centre.

In 2013 and 2014 we were delighted to welcome involvement with a local charity 'Action for Kids'; holding a workshop with them and showing their work.

Action for KidsAction for Kids

Since the start of CEOS we have shown a wide range of work in a variety of media: painting,drawing,photography,printmaking,installation, ceramics,sculpture and artists film.

It is a little known fact that included in the 60 'One Minute' films curated by Kerry Baldry, and shown in 2008 at the Town hall and in 2009 at Moors Bar, were short films by this years Turner prize winner, Laure Prevost.

For open studios artists, it has been a way to engage with the public, to talk about and explain their work and learn how it is perceived by others. It is an annual opportunity to show what we do and, importantly for many artists, an opportunity to sell work.