Applications for CEOS 2019 are open now closed.

Selection takes place in early December and notification of selection is by mid December.

Before making an Application, please read our Selection Policy and Selection Criteria and the following guidelines 

Submission guidelines 2019:
  • If selected as a member you should be aware that new members pay a fee of £120.00 to enrol on the ART Trail. The membership fee allows you to upload Gallery images, your Profile Image and Venue details and an image required for the CEOS Brochure. Membership Payment closes on January 30th each year.
  • Art Trail Members  undertake to obtain, organise  and take  complete responsibility for their own venues. In addition, members will be in attendance at their venue throughout the advertised hours. For the benefit of the whole group, CEOS keeps a Mailchimp Visitor address list, and Members are asked to collect and return to CEOS the email addresses of visitors to their venues.
  • Art Trail Members are expected to contribute a maximum of 10 hours over the year in various routine tasks (eg. Leafleting, Invigilation) that are shared and directed by the CEOS Organisers, for the benefit of the Open Studios event as a whole. In addition, Art Trail members are also asked to volunteer their particular expertise to one of our organising teams, these opportunities are explained to all members at our first Social in January.
  • The work submitted should be recent (within the last 2 years) and should reflect the type of work you propose to show with the Open Studios. If you subsequently decide to show work in a medium unrelated to that covered by your application submission, please consult with the CEOS organisers at an early stage.

  • We do not find venues for our artists, but we do have a list of suggested venues you could approach if you come from outside the area of our Map, or cannot show in your own home/studio.

  • Under no circumstances should CEOS artists allow any artists, other than CEOS selected artists, to show at their venue during the Open Studios weekend.

Annual Membership Fees:

1. The full fee of £120.00 is for newly selected artists and for Existing members to become an ART Trail member,  participating in the Open Studios weekend.

2. The Online Only Membership fee of £35.00 is available to Existing members who wish to maintain a presence on the CEOS website, without participating in Open Studios.