The purpose of selection is to improve or maintain the quality and diversity of work shown by CEOS.

The Panel Members, arrangements and procedure for the annual selection of artists applying to Crouch End Open Studios is the responsibility of the CEOS Organising Committee.

Selection Panel

  • At least 2 members of the Organising Committee must be present on the Selection Panel.
  • Panel members should have been members of CEOS for more than a year.
  • Where possible practitioners from each of the CEOS media will be represented on the Panel.
  • The Selection Panel will be anonymous and no feedback will be given to Applicants.
  • Names of Applicants and Selection Panel discussions are confidential to the Panel.
  • If an artist is known to a member of the Panel, that member may not vote on the selection of that artist.
  • Panel members must be physically present throughout the selection process
  • The selection is an equal opportunities process and is not influenced by gender, race, religion, age or sexual orientation.

Selection Criteria

There is no geographical limitation on applicants, but all selected artists must find a venue within the geographical area of Crouch End, London. This is defined as being within walking distance of the Crouch End Clock Tower and on the map that appears on our leaflet and website.

If selected, it is the responsibility of the artist to choose the work they show in their venue. The selection of work at your own venue is not the responsibility of the committee.

The Open Studios has an identity as a fine art event and applications will only be considered if the panel considers the work submitted fits within a broad definition of fine art.

The decision of the panel to accept or reject an application is final and the panel will not provide feedback on the selection process.

The Panel will take a number of factors into account when considering an application, including the professionalism and commitment demonstrated by the artist and the originality of the work submitted.

Artists who have been rejected in the past may re-apply the following year. If doing so, they should include new images in their application.

Selection is based on:

  1. 6 images of recent work, less than 2 years old and of the type  you intend to show.
  2. A 100 word statement about your practice
  3. Your current CV