CEOS is a voluntary organization of artists, founded in 2005.

Our Aims

  • To encourage an appreciation of the Visual Arts and to build a diverse and informed local audience in North London.
  • CEOS is an artist-led group and aims to support the professional creative development of CEOS Fine Artists in a diverse range of media.
  • CEOS maintains the quality and diversity of work shown by advertising its exhibiting opportunities to artists and by a formal selection process of new artist members.
  • CEOS aims to encourage peer review/mutual mentoring amongst members and the development of curatorial skills.

Organising Committee

The Organising Committee is the governing body of CEOS. It meets regularly and decides on all matters of policy. Agendas and minutes will be published to all members on the website and agenda contributions solicited from Organisers. The Organising Committee  makes all decisions including the composition of the Selection Committee and the setting of the annual calendar of events. Where feasible, the views of the membership should be considered when arriving at a decision, but the views expressed by members are not binding upon the Organising Committee. The Organising Committee oversees the  budget and two or three organisers act as signatories for the CEOS bank account.


Artists may  apply to join CEOS and are selected by a selection committee on the basis described in the Selection Policy. Thereafter, membership is renewed by annual subscription. The subscription year begins in December. If membership lapses for more than three years, a re-newing member must apply for re-selection.

Members Meetings

CEOS  holds 4 meetings annually for all members. An Annual General Meeting is held in September and 3 other meetings, one being a Feedback meeting after the Open Studios weekend. Agendas and minutes will be published to all members on the website and agenda contributions solicited from all members.

The AGM confirms and/or elects the members of the Organising Committee which consists of; Organising Secretary, Membership, Treasurer, Website manager, Publicity, Group Exhibitions Organiser; with teams working on: Leaflet, Sponsorship, Artist Venues, Website content publishing, Mailchimp/mailing list manager, Social Media.

Open Studios

The Open Studios are held in the second weekend of May each year.  To participate, Members must show a high proportion of new work, and it must be presented in a professional manner. All exhibiting CEOS members are expected to volunteer for one of the working teams and meet up as necessary to bring about a truly wonderful event for everyone.

As well as this, each artist is expected to be present at their exhibition Venue over the CEOS weekend, distribute leaflets to a defined area a few weeks before hand, help with raffle ticket sales, and share in the invigilating of the group exhibition. All CEOS artists are expected to collect and return to CEOS the email addresses of their visitors over the CEOS weekend.

 Under no circumstances should CEOS artists allow any artists, other than CEOS selected artists, to show at their venue during the Open Studios weekend.

Assets and Budget

Members of the Organising Committee commit substantial amounts of time and may be awarded reasonable expenses.

CEOS does not expect to make a profit as an organization. After payment for goods and services, any money remaining at the end of the year will normally be ploughed into the next years activity. If there is no activity for a year or more and the organization is wound up, the assets will be given to an arts fund agreed by the Organising Committee.