Alan Lancaster

Alan Lancaster

My reasons for painting have never really changed. First and foremost, it is my way of responding to the inspiring and ever changing nature of visual phenomenon.

The second motivation pivots around the deep satisfaction I feel, mid process, when things seem to be going well. For a few moments, time seems to stop, and I become totally absorbed with the subject I am painting, adding and subtracting elements until I feel everything in the painting is balanced.

I am often amused when people pass me by and say that I make painting look so easy. I personally find the whole process really hard. Just getting to the site requires a lot of preparation, parking, humping and setting up of equipment and this followed by an agonising hour of getting the foundation work just right. As the painting nears completion, the work comes together and on a good day culminates in a work that catches a few moments in time in an expressive way.

6 Farrer Road, N8 8LB

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