Andrew MacDonald

Andrew MacDonald

For me, painting has always been about people.

My work reflects a continual fascination with who we are, how we feel, what our history etches onto our features and our responses and relationship to the world around us.

I’m a self taught portrait artist who trained as a classical violinist and had a career in that field before painting emerged, out of the blue, in 2015.

Because everyone is different, my creativity is constantly shifting as I move from one portrait to the next – I have to let go of one life and move freely to the next. Every brush stroke is defined by the character and life experience of the sitter.

As a portrait painter I mainly work to commissions. I had my 1st solo exhibition at Lauderdale House in 2023 – I’m looking forward to my 2nd at The Highgate Gallery in 2025.

72 South View Road, N8 7LS

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