Craig Barnard

Craig Barnard

Craig Barnard is a British artist known for his figurative sculptures and three dimensional design work. His background in furniture design and construction brings a precise and meticulous quality to his work.

He works quickly and instinctively from sight to shape and model the subject. He is particularly interested in the human form, capturing the character and personality of the sitter.

Craig takes moulds from his sculptures and casts them. After the moulding process, he hollows out and fires all of the original clays. He experiments with various materials in the casting process, finding the sculpture can take on a completely different character.

Craig works on his collection and commissions from his home studio in north London. He attends weekly life-sculpting sessions and takes part regularly in exhibitions, including Crouch End Open Studios, The National Brain Appeal’s ‘A Letter in Mind’ and The Holy Art Gallery.

Venue 5, 14 Palace Road, N8 8QJ

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