David Dalziel

David Dalziel

David Dalziel is an artist and designer working in North London. Having stepped back from the design agency he founded 40 years ago, he now spends his time creating art and designing furniture.

The art is primarily abstract minimalism, exploring pattern and texture in a variety of media. Layered textural collages, bold graphic canvases, and minimal, primarily monochrome, A1 ‘works on paper.’

His influences are varied, fuelled by a life of travel. a love of mid-century 2D and 3D design, a collector’s passion for African Art, and a lifelong ear for jazz. All this adds up to an eclectic style with a distinctly graphic handwriting.

The furniture shares a pared-back minimal aesthetic, where quality of materials is paramount, presenting a very sympathetic partner to the art.”

Venue 15, 1D, Wolseley Rd, N8 8RR

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