Katherine Campbell

Katherine Campbell

I love to draw, print and paint, and at the moment, I’m particularly enjoying relief printing. I work mainly in vinyl, with bright inky colours. I also love the immediacy and dynamic effects of water colour and the serendipitous joy of aquatint engraving.

I focus on the human form. My subjects are drawn from the surreal, the medieval, the Victorian engravers, Jacobean woodcuts, and Renaissance tapestries. The Greek myths are a favourite starting point for me. Recent themes include portraits of Elizabethans with their spirit animals, and panels of falling figures, pulled by chance into an uncertain fate.

I’m self taught and work at my kitchen table. I’ve followed courses at the City Lit and East London Printmakers, learning as much from my fellow printmakers as the tutors. I’m looking forward to seeing where my work takes me.

Venue 11, 100 Wightman Road, N4 1RN

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