Kika Pierides

Kika Pierides

An Artist from London, I work across mixed media to realise my vision – bright, bold and vibrant intuitive patterns which currently describe my connection with the universe. The ultimate goal to spread the concept of universal connection through my work.

My work is intuitive and naturally draws out the rhythms, patterns and forms inherent to my subconscious and conscious nature. I achieve this through techniques which are ‘blind’, in that the initial composition is not at all planned and often spontaneous or driven by chance. For example, I choose random colours and cut random shapes which I drop on to a piece of paper. The position in which they fall, is an example of a composition.

My vision is to create an out of the box experience whereby the work has no predefined end destination. After all, living in a world where it is easy to feel disconnected, it is through the patterns, rhythms and forms both seen and unseen which I aim to reconnect people with this universal joy.

Vintiners T & Co, 24 Crouch End Hill, N8 8AA

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