Lisa-Marie Price

Lisa-Marie Price

As an environmentally-focused abstract painter, my work speaks directly to the heart of our current global challenges. With a profound dedication to the preservation of our natural landscapes and a deep concern for the escalating climate crisis, my paintings aim to guide viewers towards a greater understanding of our fragile world.

At the core of my artistic practice is my use of handmade watercolours crafted from foraged Earth minerals. By consciously selecting these materials, I not only align myself with sustainable and eco-conscious methods, but I also draw attention to the consequences of overconsumption and careless consumerism. The act of paint-making symbolises a commitment to slowing down, cherishing the earth’s resources, and creating a connection to the materials themselves. Whether sourced from urban environments or the serene landscapes of rural areas, each pigment carries a distinct narrative, one that weaves a story with the world around us.

While the appearance of my paintings may be subtle, their underlying purpose delves into significant themes. Amplifying the urgent conversations about climate change, sustainability, ecology, and our interconnectedness. Immersing myself in extensive research and staying informed about these critical issues, allows me to challenge deeply ingrained patterns and behaviours through my art.

Ultimately, my art serves as a catalyst for change. It calls upon individuals to question their relationship with the world around them, their impact on the natural landscapes they inhabit, and their responsibility towards future generations. In a world where apathy and indifference threaten our fragile ecosystems, I strive to inspire action through my art, promoting a collective effort towards a harmonious and sustainable future for our planet.

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