Lucy Smith

Lucy Smith

I am motivated by a love of experimentation, a fascination with sunlight, and the way our brains interpret ambiguous images.

One of my earliest memories is standing in the front garden of a pre-school nursery in Leeds on a bright, sunny day, and someone explaining how shadows are made. I was about the same height as the shrub casting the shadows.

Pre-pandemic, I was working primarily with cyanotype and sunlight, experimenting with found objects and different weather conditions on my roof terrace in north London to create unique photograms.

Over the last couple of years, I have increasingly focused on digital photography, often working at home and taking many, varied images using sunlight refracted through, and onto, everyday objects. The images have quite different connotations to the objects used to create them. I find the surprises that come with experimentation rewarding.

Please note: Lucy Smith is a member of Crouch End Open Studios. Unfortunately, she is not able to participate in the trail or library show in May 2024. We look forward to seeing her work in future shows.

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