Mark Entwisle

Mark Entwisle

Born in Amman, Jordan, Mark Entwisle is recognised as a highly accomplished figurative artist working in oil and watercolour. Diagnosed with dyslexia at an early age, Mark found art to be a profoundly expressive vehicle, constantly working in sketchbooks as well as towards finished pieces.

Mark Studied Illustration at Brighton Art College under John Vernon Lord and Raymond Briggs. Upon graduation his fluid style was immediately in demand with numerous commissions from leading book publishers globally; and he also undertook editorial work, album cover and poster design.

Fifteen years into his career, Mark began to focus on painting and specifically portraiture. His observational paintings uncover a poignancy in the everyday and appear effortless. With success in many competitions including the BP Portrait Award, Mark won the Sunday Times Watercolour Competition in 2020. He continues to exhibit and work to commission, with the figure being central to his work.

Venue 20, 66 Inderwick Road, N8 9JY

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