Ruth Selig

Ruth Selig

My Lockdown Prints were made during the COVID crisis with no access to a printing press but an abundance of sunny days. I documented my life and The Everyday” in over 100 cyanotypes – a form of sun printing famously used by Victorian botanist Anna Atkins. The exploration of The Everyday” has interested me for a while and became even more relevant during this period; the desire to give greater significance to that which we take for granted; to make sense of the mundaneness of life and to find a way of expressing it through art. 

Unlike traditional printmaking, Cyanotypes describe something that is no longer there; they are like a memory or a ghost. I used this historic process to produce more contemporary prints and create a lasting record and memory of these unprecedented times.

I will also be exhibiting my prints, influenced by 1950s textile artists and my work as an Architect.

53 Weston Park, N8 9SY

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