Steve Buckley

Steve Buckley

I sculpt abstract forms in stone, working mainly with hand tools. The sculptures are tactile, biomorphic and display their geology.

My lifelong love of geology seems to have led to stone-carving via beach-combing, rock-climbing and mineral-collecting. I grew up in the Peak District and lived in the Alps for a while. I now live in Crouch End and carve at a bench in our exotic garden.

I work mainly in fossiliferous limestone, marble and alabaster, sometimes in rarer stones such as serpentine, sodalite, verdite and orbicular diorite.

I like to source stone direct from where it occurs, searching around quarries and scree for promising raw rocks. Most of the stone I carve is 100-350 million years old before I shape it, often guided by its natural markings.

11 Park Avenue North, N8 7RU

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