Jess Miller
Jess Miller
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Jess is interested in the body and its language. For the last ten years, her main focus in making art is a fascination with the human figure. She believes that we express our unique, personal narratives through body language. In her artwork she tries to connect the sitter with the viewer through the captured energy of mark-making.

“Creating figure and portrait pieces – especially when sculpting – is really about chasing the shadows and profiles of the sitter. I don’t think about making a ‘successful’ piece, in fact I try not to think at all. Instead, focusing intensely on looking at the sitter, I let the work make itself as I try to capture what I am seeing.”

Mostly working from life, in sculpting she uses clay (or occasionally soft wax) to record the human form. Once she has completed modelling the sculpture she usually patinates the surfaces with oil paint and soft wax. Although she will often draw and sculpt the same sitter, she doesn’t generally make preparatory drawings for a piece, although sometimes she makes quick sketches in clay to work out sculpture ideas.

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