Selection policy

All applicants must apply to take part in Crouch End Open Studios.

The application window is open for a month, and will close approximately 6 months before the Open Studios weekend. Exact timing will vary depending on the timing of the event.

1. The Selection Committee is a voluntary committee of current CEOS members – the membership changes each year.

2. The selectors will be given access to the applicant’s submitted images, their artist statement and their CV.

3. The selectors will take a number of factors into account when considering an application, including the professionalism and commitment demonstrated by the artist and the originality of the the work submitted. Selectors are expected to fully engage with all aspects of the application and information given.

4. Names of applicants and discussions are confidential to the CEOS committee members.

5. The Selection process is an equal opportunities process and is not influenced by gender, sexuality, race, religion or belief, disability or age.

6. Artists can apply regardless of where they live. However, if selected they must find a venue within the geographical area of Crouch End and Hornsey, London (N8 postcodes). Artists are advised to wait until they have been selected before approaching potential venues.

7. Once selected, artists can take part in subsequent events without the need to re-apply. However, they must renew their annual membership in order to secure their participation.


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